Disposal of Yard Debris

With all of the recent rain, yards are full of branches and fallen leaves. The Public Works Department asks that you please remember to place your debris out of the roadway (City Code: 66-27). Trash placed in the road not only impedes the flow of traffic, but also can wash to storm drains, filling them with leaves and blocking them from draining which leads to areas of flooding. The City Marshal’s Office can issue citations and fines to residents and landscape maintenance companies who do not comply. Check the photos to see examples of incorrect and correct placement of yard debris.

Placement of Curbside Yard Debris

With falling temperatures come falling leaves, and the City of Bainbridge would like to remind you of the correct placement of piles of leaves, limbs, and grass clippings for curbside pick-up. We ask that you please do not place yard debris piles in the street. Doing so not only blocks the flow of rainwater, but also fills storm drains with debris. When storm drains are blocked, water cannot drain and streets become flooded. We ask that you place yard debris piles off the roadway, and not next to poles that would hinder collection. Please see the photos for examples of incorrect and correct placement of yard debris piles. If you have any questions, please contact Public Works at 248-2015.

Incorrect Placement  Incorrect Placement  Incorrect Placement

Correct Placement  Correct Placement  Correct Placement