John Mills Joins Marshal’s Office

The City of Bainbridge is pleased to announce the appointment of John Mills as Deputy Marshal with the Bainbridge-Decatur County Marshal’s Office. John is a native of Homestead, Florida where he worked for ten years with the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority. After relocating to Bainbridge, John began working with Bainbridge Public Safety in 2006 where he achieved the rank of Sergeant. He is married to Jennifer and they have two daughters, Madison and Kendall. John stated, “I worked under Chief Marshal Keith Pollock when I began at Public Safety, and I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with him again in the area of code enforcement.

John Mills

Fire Hydrant Flushing & Testing

Bainbridge Public Safety, in conjunction with the Bainbridge Water Department, will be conducting Fire Hydrant Flushing and Testing beginning Friday, February 12, 2016. The process of periodically “flushing” fire hydrants is an important preventative maintenance activity to insure the integrity of the water system and deliver the highest quality water to our customers. As a result of hydrant flushing, residents in the immediate area may experience temporary discoloration of their water. This discoloration is harmless and generally consists of precipitates which do not affect the safety of water consumption. if you notice that your water is discolored, you can resolve this issue by running all water faucets inside your home until the water clears. If the water does not clear in a reasonable amount of time, please contact Public Services at 229-248-2014.

Also, Public Safety needs a clear 36″ area around all fire hydrants in order to connect fire hoses to put out fires. Crews will be clearing a 36″ area around all fire hydrants. We ask that if you have planted flowers or placed other items around the hydrants to please remove them and keep the area around the hydrant clear.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Chief Keith Pollock leads Bainbridge-Decatur County Marshals Office

KeithRecently the Decatur County Board of Commissioners voted to consolidate the county’s planning department with the City of Bainbridge’s Community Development Division which includes the Planning Department for the City. The merger of county and city building departments will allow contractors to visit one location to obtain permits for all work, regardless of whether or not the construction takes place inside or outside of city limits.
According to Decatur County Administrator Alan Thomas, the decision to merge will be cost effective and provide a more uniform process for builders.
The County’s inspection duties will now fall under the Bainbridge-Decatur Marshals Office, and Chief Marshal Keith Pollock. Chief Pollock will be evaluating building plans, and enforcing building codes, as well as other ordinances related to building and land-use regulations. With the expansion of the Marshals office, applicants are being sought for a Code Enforcement Officer / Deputy Marshal to assist Chief Pollock with enforcing codes in the county as well as the city.
Pollock has worked with the City of Bainbridge for twenty years and currently serves at Chief Marshal and Building Official. He previously served as an officer with Bainbridge Public Safety.
Pollock holds Level 1, Level 2, and Master Certifications in Code Enforcement from the University of Georgia and is currently pursuing his Level 3 Management certification. He also holds a Level 1 Inspector certification through the Building Officials Association of Georgia; is certified as a Storm Water Inspector; is certified in Soil Erosion at Levels 1 and 2; and has extensive experience in planning and zoning in areas such as Historic Preservation Ordinances and Tree Ordinances.
In addition to code enforcement expertise, Pollock holds twenty years of Law Enforcement certification, is certified through the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police as a Police Chief, and is a certified Fire Fighter. He is married to Bobbi and they have an 11 year old son, Kaden, who attends Hutto Middle School.
Assistant City Manager and Community Development Director Roy Oliver stated that Pollock is a valuable asset to the City of Bainbridge and Decatur County and will do an extraordinary job expanding his knowledge and expertise on a county-wide basis. Pollock stated, “I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve all of Bainbridge and Decatur County.”

Nature Trail at Boat Basin has Re-Opened

Flood water has receded and clean up has taken place allowing the Nature Trail at the Earle May Boat Basin to be reopened to the public. We hope you will get out and enjoy the beautiful weekend! Just a note: The Mega Ramps and Campground are still closed while repairs are underway.Trail

The City of Bainbridge Launches an “Attack on Potholes!”

The weather is perfect for paving so the City of Bainbridge Public Works Department has launched the “Attack on Potholes!” Today, paving is taking place on Gordon Avenue beside Memorial Hospital and extends from Shotwell to College. On Wednesday, paving will take place on Wheat from Shotwell to College, and on Thursday, paving will take place on Evans from Gordon to Scott. Please be patient as you travel in these areas and try to avoid them if possible. We are looking forward to a newer, smoother Bainbridge! If you know of areas that need pothole repair, please call Public Works at 229-248-2015.PavingPaving 3   Paving 1Paving 2